Pump Up The Jam (as made famous by Technotronic)

“Pump Up the Jam” is the opening track on Belgian act Technotronic’s album Pump Up the Jam: The Album. Released as a single, it was a worldwide hit, reaching number two in the United Kingdom in 1989 and in the American Billboard Hot 100 in early 1990. The song was later certified triple platinum. Vocalist Ya Kid K was initially overshadowed by Congolese model Felly Kilingi, who appears lip-syncing in the music video and was featured on the first album cover as a marketing tactic.[3] Ya Kid K was ultimately recognized upon a U.S. tour and a repackaged album cover that featured her instead of Felly.[4] In 2005, it was remixed by DJ-producer D.O.N.S. and reached number one on the British Dance Chart. The Guardian featured the song on their A history of modern music: Dance in 2011.[5]