Forever in Blue Jeans (as made famous by Neil Diamond)

“Forever in Blue Jeans” is a song by Neil Diamond which was co-written with his guitarist Richard Bennett. This up-tempo track, released as a single by Columbia in February 1979, was taken from the previous year’s Neil Diamond album You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.

The song officially peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #2 on the Easy Listening chart in March, 1979.[1]

According to Cotton Incorporated “Neil Diamond might have been right when he named his 1979 #1 hit “Forever in Blue Jeans”: 81% of women are planning their next jeans purchase to be some shade of blue.” [2] The song has been used to promote the sale of blue jeans, most notably Will Ferrell, impersonating Neil Diamond singing, for The Gap. Coincidentally, Diamond himself did radio ads for H.I.S. brand jeans in the 1960s, more than a decade before he sang this song.

Later in 1979, Tommy Overstreet recorded a country version of the song, including it on his The Real Tommy Overstreet album. Jason Castro covered this song on season 7 of American Idol.

The song was referenced on an episode (“Parent Trapped”) of The King Of Queens, in which Doug Heffernan incorrectly refers to it as “Reverend Blue Jeans”, thinking it was a song about a hip reverend that wore jeans.