Don’t Ask Me Why (as made famous by Billy Joel)

“Don’t Ask Me Why” is a Billy Joel song released in 1980. The lyrics talk about the oddities of life that have become obvious over time. It is more characteristic of a track that would have appeared on Joel’s earlier albums in that it has a lighter folk sound as compared to the harder, more rock oriented tracks found throughout the album; the song supported public perception that Joel was a middle-of-the-road artist.[need quotation to verify]. The background track contains all acoustic and Latin percussion instruments performing in an Afro-Cuban rhythmic style. An eclectic, instrumental “Latin Ballroom” piano solo, played over the bridge section after the second verse, is also featured in part of the song; Joel states that the mix for the midsection includes “fifteen pianos overdubbed on top of each other.”[1] The song spent two weeks at number one on the Adult Contemporary chart and peaked at number nineteen on the Billboard Hot 100.[2]

It was released as the third single from the album Glass Houses and later included on Greatest Hits Volume 2.

Billy Joel – vocals, piano, Yamaha electric grand piano, acoustic guitar
David Brown – acoustic guitar
Liberty DeVitto – maracas, bass drum, triangle, claves, ratchet, temple blocks
Russell Javors – acoustic guitar
Doug Stegmeyer – bass