Bad Boy (as made famous by The Beatles)

“Bad Boy” is a song composed and recorded by Larry Williams.[2] The song was recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, California on August 14, 1958. The musicians on the recording included Williams on vocals and piano, Earl Palmer on drums, René Hall on guitar, Jewell Grant on baritone sax, Plas Johnson on tenor sax, and Ted Brinson on bass.[3] The record did not break the Top 40 charts in the United States.

“She Said Yeah” was originally the B-side of the Larry Williams single, and has been recorded by the Rolling Stones and the Animals, among others. “She Said Yeah” was written by rockabilly singer Roddy Jackson and Sonny Bono (under the name Don Christy).[4] The Beatles loved the song and almost certainly performed it on stage and fully intended to record it. Paul McCartney in the liner notes to his album Run Devil Run said “Me and John [Lennon] particularly loved Larry Williams…Bony Moronie…John did Slow Down…I was always going to do She Said Yeah”. Roy Young (who was invited to join The Beatles) recorded a version in 1959. Paul McCartney finally recorded it in 1999.

“Bad Boy” is one of several Larry Williams songs which the Beatles recorded during their career. Along with “Dizzy, Miss Lizzy”, “Bad Boy” was recorded by the band on May 10, 1965 (Larry Williams’ birthday), and was originally intended for a solely American release; however, “Dizzy, Miss Lizzy” featured on the British Help! album that year. “Bad Boy” was first released on Beatles VI in June 1965. It eventually got a UK release on A Collection of Beatles Oldies in December 1966.[6] It is also available on the 1988 release, Past Masters, Volume One.

John Lennon – vocal, rhythm guitar, organ
Paul McCartney – bass, electric piano
George Harrison – double-tracked lead guitar
Ringo Starr – drums, tambourine